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When it comes to nation building and state building, bankers don’t exactly get top billing. We’re not trying to blow our own horn here, but we believe that credit should be given where credit is due. You have to understand that economic development requires that entrepreneurs get the adequate amount of funding they need to turn their ideas into cold hard reality.

This is one practical observation that a lot of business planners build their visions on. It’s one thing to have grand visions of the future. It’s one thing to think of bright lights, amazing bottom lines, tons of jobs, a dynamic local economy when it’s another to actually pull it off. After all, great ideas can only go so far. Great ideas with adequate funding and capitalization go much farther than amazing ideas with very little to back it up.

We’re not saying that pouring money into an idea will ensure that that idea will take off. We do believe in the fact that the economy needs better ideas. We don’t believe in just throwing good money after bad pursuing outdated, discredited or simply impractical business ideas. We believe that we would have a greater impact on the greater Kentucky area by ensuring that entrepreneurs from all walks of life have the proper financial backing they need to create a tremendous amount of economic activity which in turn will trigger a chain reaction of further economic activity and job creation. This is not academic. This actually happens all the time.

We think in holistic terms. We think in terms of systems. Systems are, of course, build on different things working together to create a process which has a cascade effect. Bank of Kentucky has a corporate mission and vision that looks out for the greater financial good of the greater Kentucky economic region. Accordingly, we believe in sound lending philosophies. We don’t just throw good money after bad on bad ideas.

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While we are firm believes in ideas, we also do understand that ideas are not equal when it comes to jobs impact, regulation, tax base issues, and other core structural considerations. We keep this in mind when funding. Again, we loan out to all types of businesses but we’d like to attract more firms that can create more jobs in the greater Kentucky region because we are committed to our state’s overall success.

Instead, we look for sustainability. We look for synergies where building one business can lead to greater opportunities in a greater industry as well as in other local businesses. We also look at the greater Kentucky job market as a network of interconnected economic decisions. A key part of this interconnected economic reality, of course, involves local financing.

All told, we are committed to ensuring that entrepreneurs living in our area of coverage will have the financial backing they need to take their dreams to the next level because we know that the more successful they are, the more successful Kentucky as a corporate whole becomes.